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Given the interest shown by some PROCLADES and Claretian Mission Procures  to broaden the scope of Voluntary Work, PROCLADE Internazionale has initiated contacts with Procurators from three continents: Africa, America and Asia in order to prepare local volunteer host. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. And these would be the places and areas where could be organized volunteer presence in coordination with the host sites:


The idea of volunteers coming to Tanzania is nice idea and great. We have lot of chance to do volunteer work in our mission in Tanzania. 

I dont know what the volunteers are interested in but let me say the possibility from this side.

In Tanzania they could work in our dispensary, school in primary and kinder garden, we have hostel both boys and girl

We have schools in Dar es Salaam too. 

This is good initiative and we are open for it. If there is any questions let me i shall clarify the things 

John Britto cmf.



I am happy to see the mail of General Mission Procure on receiving volunteers for the service in the province. Let me strait away state that this is a good initiative and you are welcome.

Also let it be known that we have the history receiving volunteers from Germany and Spain. In Spain Proclade international had sent a few times. Also we have an understanding with World Rural Forum from Basque country to receive volunteers. With WRF we have collaboration since tsunami 2005. We as well as the volunteers and WRF  have good and beneficial experience of volunteer service. 

So we are happy that Chennai is considered  a destination in Asia for this program. The possible apostolates where we can expect voluntary services are:

1. Hostels in North India. 

2. English teaching in our schools in north and Tamilnadu

3. Social projects like Babies home in Madurai, Home for the HIV children in  Achirapakkam,  Kanchipuram district, Kavasam which has hostel and dalit empowerment and alternative healthe apostolates and Manasu the home for mentally ill people. 

Anthony (SAMY) SAVARI MUTHU) cmf.



Chocó could be one good venue for volunteers.

We are in three places:

in Riosucio Bajo Atrato in the north of Chocó fronting with Panamá and we take care of the Parish of Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

in Medio Atrato we take care of the Centro Misionero de Tagachí

In Quibdó we have the Main Campus of Uniclaretiana.

Luis Armando Valencia cmf.

Proclade Internazionale

Our objetive is the development of the most disadvantaged peoples, the integral promotion of individuals, solidarity, justice and peace.


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