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PROCLADE Internazionale ONLUS

The NGO PROCLADE Internazionale Onlus is a Foundation established in the year 2006 in order to support the work of the Claretian Missionaries and to give guidance in the presentation of projects to donor agencies. PROCLADE Internazionale Onlus belongs to a network of NGOs based in various countries actively cooperating with the Claretian Missionaries in the developing world.

The mission of PROCLADE Internazionale is to assist, together with the Claretian counterparts, in the development of the most disadvantaged peoples, in the promotion of their human well-being, the integral development of the individuals, solidity of communities, justice and peace. PROCLADE’s major social areas of involvement are those where the Claretians are actively involved:

  • Education of children: construction and equipment of schools, provision of study-grants;
  • Vocational training for youth and adults: formal and informal education and job placement;
  • Housing and programmes for social integration of the most marginalized groups in society (disabled, HIV positives, elderly, women, former convicts, ethnic minorities, etc.);
  • Public health: creation of small clinics and dispensaries, health education and awareness;
  • Rural programmes: focusing on food security, livestock raising and agricultural techniques.

Among pastoral projects we find the following:

  • Construction: construction of churches, chapels, presbyteries and formation houses
  • Education and training: equipment of libraries, scholarships for young priests;
  • Communication: radio, printing of Bibles and evangelization material;
  • Water projects: construction of wells;
  • Rural projects: creation of small poultry and fish farms;
  • Technology: solar panels, multi-media centres;
  • Transportation: purchase of vehicles and transportation means (cars, motorbikes and bicycles);
  • Catechism: organisation of catechetical programmes for children and youth, training of catechists.

PROCLADE Internazionale works as a link between the donor and the beneficiary group, constantly cooperating with the local managers both for project identification/formulation and for the production of financial, narrative and evaluation reports.

PROCLADE Internazionale , thanks to the work of a full-time projects coordinator, provides the expertise in the identification, formulation and presentation of project proposals, supporting the missionaries in all phases of the project cycle, searching for funding opportunities and presenting projects to donors.

Activities are carried out in the respect of the civil and social rights of the citizens of developing countries, for the promotion of human development, justice and peace. PROCLADE Internazionale contributes to the creation of a culture of solidarity by cooperating with other actors that share the same commitment for the promotion of the well-being of the person and of the society.

PROCLADE Internazionale works in close cooperation with the local project managers who are, in turn, recipients of the needs of the beneficiaries, the real owners of any Claretian social project.

Proclade Internazionale

Our objetive is the development of the most disadvantaged peoples, the integral promotion of individuals, solidarity, justice and peace.


  •   projects.proclade (@)
  •   +39.0680910011
  •   Via Sacro Cuore di Maria 5 - 00197 - Roma (Italia)


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