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  • We defend the rights
    of minorities
  • We educate
    thinking ahead
  • We get involved
    in the promotion of women
  • We offer job training
    to needy
  • We work to improve
    health and hygiene

Welcome to PROCLADE Internazionale ONLUS - NGO

If you want to collaborate with our projects and social works

Our main objectives in line with the SDG's

  • Education

  • Children and youth training, school construction, scholarships, job search...

  • Social Integration

  • Integration of marginalized groups (handicapped, HIV carriers, elderly, women ...)

  • Public Health

  • Creating small clinics and dispensaries, health education.

Projects Area


Construction and equipping of schools, building churches, chapels, parsonages and training.

Education and formation

Providing scholarships for children and youth, vocational training for youth and adults, library equipment, scholarships for seminarians and young priests.


Radio, publishing of Bibles and pastoral materials.

Rural and supplies

Construction of wells and reservoirs. Creation of small farms and fish farms chickens or pigs. Alternative crops.


Solar panels, IT and multimedia centers.


Buying of vehicles and transport vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles, buses).



PROCLADE Internazionale contributes to the creation of a culture of solidarity
by cooperating with other actors that share the same commitment
for the promotion of the well-being of the person and of the society.



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Proclade Internazionale

Our objetive is the development of the most disadvantaged peoples, the integral promotion of individuals, solidarity, justice and peace.


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